Dated: October 9 2020

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While your loan is being processed and before you close on your home, there are multiple ways in which you can ruin your chances in becoming approved for your home.


  • Open any new credit lines. New credit lines equal new debt and new debt will increase your debt to income ratio used in qualiifying you for your home.
  • Take a cash advance from your credit card. Again, this will increase your debt ratio lowering your chances of becoming approved.
  • Allow for anyone to pull your credit.
  • Make any irregular or cash deposits into your bank account. 
  • Quit your job, start a new job or change careers without advising your financing team ahead of time.
  • Cut back on your work hours or decrease income.
  • Take an unpaid leave or vacation as this will affect your allowable income used for qualification. 
  • Pay any accounts late that would affect your credit. 
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