Chasing Blogity: October '20 Recap

Dated: November 10 2020

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Chasing Blogity: October ‘20 Recap


Wow, what an awesome month. My first taste of cold weather in Austin and the hottest rental month I’ve had!

Excited to share some success and learning stories while eating a warm bowl of jambalaya with the windows wide open in my apartment. 


Remember that The Office meme I shared in the last blog, about doubling business, when Pam’s sales go from two to four? 

Well that’s out the window - because I tripled last month’s numbers! 


Yep - from two leases to SIX!


What changed in the past month?


In the beginning of October, I took the Texas Residential Leasing Specialist (TRLS) designation course through Texas Association of Realtors. I was able to leverage the knowledge I learned from that to make some valuable content for blogs and social media. I’m able to now offer a lot more info regarding emotional support animals, landlord/tenant agreements, listing homes for lease, and laws regarding fair housing and safety. 


I have also become a lot more active on instagram (check it out: @chasingrealty_atx), and as another marketing move, sponsored my bowling team! Check out the shirts I designed below.


I met up with a much more seasoned apartment locator, who assured me that locating (and real estate in general) is a waterwheel, the work you do in one month May not come back around for another 2 months or more. He was right, because I’ve started now getting replies to Facebook/instagram, etc messages I blasted out in August! 

So where am I in relation to my goal for my first year? 


I can't wait to write November's blog, because it's already starting up fast!!


Some pictures from October:

My Bowling Team!



First concert since MARCH! Old Crow Medicine Show at Nutty Brown Amphitheater

Pool at Austin Waters Apartments

Cali Burrito at Reunion 19

Scooting to a downtown appt!


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Chasing Blogity: October '20 Recap

Chasing Blogity: October ‘20 Recap Wow, what an awesome month. My first taste of cold weather in Austin and the hottest rental month I’ve had!Excited to share some success and

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